Friday, June 1, 2012

Nox Update

We have been working hard on developing Nox's game.  On the programming side we are using Corona SDK as the engine/framework, which seems to work pretty well.  I am noticing some lags that I didn't notice in our last game, Bubble Bounty, but Nox's game is an auto runner type game, so everything is moving and we have some intense graphics since we want the game to look pretty on the iPad Retina.  I'll have to investigate further and determine how to get rid of those lags.

Working with lua is ... ummm ... interesting.  I prefer a strongly typed language because of the safety and structure.  With lua I can do all sorts of things that I can't do in Objective-C or Java ( as far as I know ), which can be good, but it can also get out of control.

For instance, in lua I can create a table and then dynamically add fields to it.

local myData = {} = 100

--later on I can do this = "someIdString"

So lua is very flexible, which like I said has its advantages, but I am finding you HAVE TO HAVE DISCIPLINE!

We are using Corona's Box2D bindings, which is nice and easy to use.  Using the built in physics functionality speeds of development and allows us to focus on game design and game play. There are some little quirky things I am still learning how to implement though.  For instance, how to recognize when the player is leaving a platform.  I'll write more about the solution to that problem in another post.  For now, however, I'll leave you with another concept: Abigail.


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