Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bubble Bounty

Collect Loot In Bubble Bounty for iOS devices!

Recently we released Bubble Bounty for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

From the description:

"Help a down-on-his-luck pirate salvage treasure from the ocean floor! Use bombs, dynamite, driftwood, cannonballs, wooden crates, and other tools to solve puzzles! Collect coins and gems while avoiding prickly urchins, puffer fish, and other obstacles!" 

Bubble Bounty is a fun and challenging puzzle game where you swipe your finger on the screen to create currents in order to "push" bubbles filled with treasure through the water to the pirate waiting in his boat at the top.   You get to maneuver around obstacles such as urchins, coral, rocks, and creatures.  You also get bombs, dynamite, driftwood, and other tools to help you solve the puzzles and become a successful and RICH pirate.

Compete With The World!
Bubble Bounty is connected to Game Center so you can compete with friends and other pirates from around the world.  Can you collect more loot than anyone else and become "Loot Leader"?  Can you complete a chapter faster than everyone else?  Give it a try!


  1. Hey! I'm a complete fan of the art you guys implement in your games. I wish I had an iPhone, because I'd definitely check this out. A question though -- do you guys have music in your games at all?

  2. Hi Shannon! Thanks, we have some great artistic talent on our team! And we will be doing more cross-platform releases in our future games, so look for Android support soon.

    We do use some musical compositions in our games. Why do you ask?

    Thanks for checking in!